Week Two – Feeling good!

February 4, 2010

Wow. I just ran/walked my second 1.5 miles for week two and I feel awesome! No leg cramp today. I was still going strong and watched an episode of “How I met Your Mother” and “Secret Life of a Call Girl” (cool series on Showtime) and almost missed when I hit 1.5 miles! I thought I still had some time to go. I ended up walking after that until 1.65 miles. So I can officially do 1.5 miles in approx. 31 minutes. So, assuming I could stay that pace for 13.1 miles, it would take me approx. 4 1/2 hours to run/walk the Half Marathon. Hopefully by the time October comes, I can do a few more miles in an hour.

Day Two of week two – awesome!


Week Two

February 2, 2010

Ok. So my tentative running schedule is:
week one – 1 mile run/walk 4 days a week. (run 1 minute/walk 2 minutes until I reach a mile)
status – I ran/walked 3 days, 1 mile each. Pretty good for my first week.

week two – run/walk 1.5 miles 4 times a week
week 3 – run/walk 2 miles 4 times a week
week 4 – run/walk 2.5 miles 4 times a week
and so on…

Week 2 status:
Monday – today I started my run/walk for 1.5 miles. This is after I did not run AT ALL this weekend. Needless to say, when I got to about .82 miles, my right calf started cramping up. So, for the rest of the mile, I walked. I thought I might have to stop after one mile today because the cramping would not stop, but after walking an additional 2 minutes, I was able to continue my run/walk and even made it past 1.5 miles (I was still running when I reached 1.5 and I had to do a cool down walk, so I made it to 1.62 miles today. woohoo!)

I ate fairly good today. Probably didn’t eat enough. Especially since I am running. Not eating enough usually tends to make me pig out at night, but I think the running has knocked the hunger out for now. I should be able to make it until dinner without stuffing my face.
Not feeling witty tonight either. Running knocked the wit out of me:)

Hello world!

January 31, 2010

Ok. So I haven’t always been the most “follow through” person. I have started countless diets, cooked up countless schemes of adventure, only to change my mind when the process turned out to be way more work than I felt like investing in the project. Needless to say I’ve been met with some measured amount of criticism at my latest venture (believe it or not, the largest nay sayer has been my own doubtful mind). What’s that adventure?

I have decided to run in Purdue University’s first ever Half Marathon¬†on October 24, 2010.¬† A half marathon is approximately 13.1 miles. Sound plausible? Well maybe I should clarify a few things first:

1) I am not nor have I ever been a runner. More of a couch sitter/tv watcher. I do excel at the channel surfing.

2) I have never had any desire to become a runner

3) I am mildly overweight (ok.. I am overweight and out of shape)

4)Again I point towards my inability to finish certain past goals that I have set for myself, mainly ones centered around my “health”

5) I am prediabetic.

Now, here are some encouraging points that may sway someone to back me in this bizarre scheme:

1) The idea of accomplishing this excites me. Just thinking about actually running the half marathon makes me feel good about life.

2) I did start my training this week. I ran/walked 3 days, 1 mile each time. The first time I started running I smiled because it felt so good to do something outside my routine, outside the norm of “me”.

3) I am a horrible pessimist, but an eternal optimist. I absolutely believe I am going to do this.

4) I bought some really comfy running shoes and have the Footloose movie soundtrack among other greats to spur me on.

5) I have friends that, despite my past history of failures, have stated firmly that they believe I can accomplish this.

So this blog is my road from couch potato/tv watcher/listener/dreamer/someday list maker to living a life of action. The process of becoming a Doer.

First step – decide to run the half marathon – check

Step two – sleep on it and still believe I want to run the half marathon – check

Step three – tell a couple of people and gauge my sanity through their reaction – check

Step four – buy cool running shoes – check

Step five – actually start running – check

Step six – set up a running schedule to gradually get myself to where I can run/walk 13.1 miles without fainting or dying – working on it

Step seven – sign up for Purdue’s Half Marathon in October – stay tuned.